Mold World is a toolmaker for the plastics industry. The Mold World team has more than 30 years of experience in the market.  The company positions itself as a supplier of high level molds, being a provider of an integrated vertical service. We go from the conception, the design and the manufacturing, having internal capacities to make try-outs, up to mold set-up and supply of pre series.    

Mold World values the employees, invests in state-of-the-art equipment and aims at the best resources to achieve the highest quality standards.

We work with the best. We share experiences. Together we mold the future!

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Render industrial technologically integrated vertical services to the global market. Conceiving, manufacturing, testing and setting up devices and/or processes in order to obtain/supply physical components.


To be a leader in high level technological niches, to be a reference in industrial productivity with a high level of financial return. To be a socially engaged organization of which everybody is proud of being a part of, also being attractive to external agents.


Valuing people. To develop and maintain a work environment where people feel good, the goals and the results are shared, and everybody is proud of that sharing.


Commitment, Teamwork, Innovation, Transparency, Continuous Improvement, Quality and Respect are the values that support our actions and behaviour. The way to value our customers and employees.


We invest daily in the continuous improvement of our processes, in the satisfaction of our customers and employees.


The main goal of the organization is to generate profits with the positioning of a service provider able to fully satisfy the clientele and keeping the costs at their lowest.

The increase of the productivity is crucial for the sustainable growth of the organization. The main priorities towards that goal are:

– Reduce the errors and the machine stoppage times, having a proactive attitude in the identification of risk factors and consequent adoption of preventive measures.

– The chaining of sequence plannings and the strict set up and follow up of the internal deadlines leading to a higher involvement of the employees.

Maintain a spirit of continuous improvement supported on the permanent questioning of the adopted processes and means, and on the growing involvement of all the employees. The latter being its main asset, are necessarily the base pillar of the whole project.

All guidelines must take into account compliance with legal requirements, as well as reference standards adopted for the quality management system

Develop and maintain the monitoring and control mechanisms of the operationality of the organization, keeping in mind the notion of the cost/performance ratio, balancing the sought results with the perceived failure risks.

Extend these guidelines to all the subcontracted activities.


As part of the ISO 9001:2015 certification, Mold World carries out an internal evaluation process of its suppliers and service providers, reflecting everyone’s performance with regard to the quality of the product and/or service provided. This assessment is carried out every six months and is based on the following criteria:

– Organization,

– Conformity,

– Price,

– Term,

– Quality level,

– Communication,

– Technical support.