We have a technical staff with project leaders, engineers and designers with a wide experience in the field and fluent in English, French, German and Spanish. 

Our staff is prepared to support the clients during all the process, from industrial design of the plastic part until the final set up of the mold, including its conception with the help of finite analysis simulations – filling analysis, cooling analysis or warpage analysis-  the manufacture of the mold, its try-outs and its industrial optimization. 

The production of molds is planned in accordance with all the development and manufacturing stages, keeping in mind all the costumer needs.

The Project Leaders approach each project as a single job and they are the privileged contact with the clients all along the different phases of the process, from preliminary mold drawings, development and conception up to the final validation at the customer’s premises.  

We nurture an attitude of permanent technological watch, investing in R&D, frequently in cooperation with the clients.


Combining state of the art technologies with the know-how of experienced and specialized professionals we render services in the conception and manufacture of metallic molds for the injection of thermoplastics and compression of thermosets for industries such as automotive, electronics, aeronautic, electrical appliances and packaging covering: 

– Injection 

–Two components injection – 2K

– Gas assisted injection

– Low pressure injection over textile

– Compression 

– Hybrid molds

– Stack molds


We supply the customer with a “turnkey” product, including the try-outs, set up of the mold, supply of pre-series within a perspective of an integrated vertical service. 

Our try-out centre is prepared to meet the needs of our customers, having a full control of the different stages of test, verification and validation.  

We make mold try-outs in machines up to 3500 tons and we have the capacity to supply pre-series of plastic parts in accordance with the quantities specified by the clients. 

We simulate the industrial conditions of our clients in order to effectively validate the molds in our premises. 

All our molds are shipped in conditions of immediate industrialization – Turnkey.


We have a team of experienced and highly specialized professionals to carry on the development and industrialization of products.

We follow processes that include all the phases from development to manufacture of the mold and we have the capacity for series injection, serving the requests from the customers. 

Mold World has in house a range of injection machines from 350T to 2300T, fully automated and efficient, together with a logistics service capability.

Injection molding activity is certified according to norm ISO 9001. 


Highly specialized human resources together with years of  know how and experience contribute to a high performance of our teams in monitoring the satisfaction of our clients.  

The relation with the customer does not end when the mold is shipped. We have a permanent after sales service helping our clients through all the process and meeting their needs. Depending on the geographic location, this service may be rendered by local teams, by partners in different countries or by mobile teams from our headquarters plant. 


The combination of a specialized team with hi-tech equipment allow us to efficiently respond to the challenges of the market.  

In order to meet the requirements of the most demanding industries, the renewal is constant, always adding the most recent technologies both in equipment as in software. 

Please check our Equipment List for a full description of our machines